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2022 Reel

3D Character Art


Concept art by Konstantin MaystrenkoI'm a big fan of VALORANT and its art style, so my focus for this project is to emulate its art style using this character concept by Konstantin Maystrenko. I added some extra bits on her robot arm like flash grenades and extra util on her knuckles (extra projectiles maybe?)
I used a few characters from the game as references on how to stylize each part of her design, such as Jett, Sage, Killjoy, Breach, and Kayo.
This is also my first time using mgear to rig and pose the character. My next step would be making blendshapes for her face to make her face rig more complete.

I hope you like it! :)


This is a combination of two different concepts. The goal of this project is to study creature anatomy in a stylized approach, and also to practice sculpting skin and bone. Thank you to my instructors Tan Bi and Vaughn Smith for their feedback!Concept by Tooth Wu and Labros Panousis

River Otter

I did this a few months ago as a quick sculpt and practice but didn't come around to posting it. Polypaint rendered in Blender.Concept by Samuel Youn

Dinosaur Hunter

This is for Dylan Ekren's Creating Appealing Characters class. I had a lot of fun and it was a very valuable experience overall, I really enjoyed it!Concept art by Alberto Camara

Maze Dweller

Concept art by ayejayThis started off as a quick sculpting project that I was planning to render in blender, but I ended up working on this on and off throughout the year while working and studying. I did the retopology in Maya and used this as rigging practice. The smoke was also something new that I did to familiarize myself with blender.The biggest issue with the rig is the armpit topology. I initially wasn't planning on making it a full rig so I sculpted the highpoly mesh in an A pose because it was closer to the final pose in the concept. It was a little too late to go back and change the highpoly sculpt so I went along with the A pose and finished up the project the best I can. Right now, the rig can't fully lift his arms up because of the lack of topology in the armpits. Just something to take note of for future projects.
I still really enjoyed working on this model, especially for his textures :)
Thanks again to ayejay for letting me use this concept and also to Sean for his endless amount of patience in guiding me through the rigging process.

Admiral Tenoh

Here's Admiral Tenoh! This is for my 3D character modeling class at AAU. Thank you to Claire for letting me use her amazing concept and to my instructor Patrick Hillstead for his guidance and feedback!Concept by Claire Hummel


This is my entry for the Blizzard Student Art Contest for the character art category! I spent almost two months on and off this, and I think it's about time I call it done. I did the highres model in Zbrush, then did the retopo in Maya, baked the AO and Curvature map in Substance Painter, and mainly did the textures in Photoshop with the help of Substance Painter (to cover up seamlines), and finally rendered it in Marmoset. I hope you like it!
"Introducing Tikus the Swift! It lives in the deserts of Vol'dun in Zandalar alongside the vulpera. Tikus's long hind legs make traversing the harsh deserts fast and easy, therefore making it a popular mount for scavengers. Tikus is a herbivore but its favorite food is cheese."
"Tikus" means mouse/rat in Malay, I thought it would be good to have a reference from my home country Malaysia


Concept art by NitroI saw this concept by Nitro and I knew I had to work on it! It's been a while since I worked on a full character pipeline, I had a lot of fun with it smiley Thanks again Nitro for letting me use the concept!